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The Industry's Most Flexible Steel Shaft Couplings Featuring the Exclusive "Strut" Design

Flexible steel shaft couplings Coupling Corporation of America is a leading and innovative manufacturer of shaft couplings, flexible shaft couplings and keyless hubs for large rotating machinery and other shaft coupling applications. Since 1968, CCA has been making shaft couplings by focusing on the driving and driven machines, and then designing couplings to complement them. Our shaft couplings come standard, with clamp hubs, for a strong shaft connection with no keys, heat, or hydraulics.

Flexible Shaft Couplings

Coupling Corporation manufactures the coupling industry's most flexible steel coupling called the UltraFlexx Coupling. Its unique "strut" design offers the most flexibility and the lowest spring rates of any flexible shaft couplings presently available. The FLEXXOR couplings and the UltraFLEXX coupling's exceptionally light-weight design does not compromise performance or reliability since they are engineered for the most demanding applications. No maintenance is required for our shaft couplings and no lubrication is needed.

Power plants, refineries, and large process plants use our flexible shaft couplings for applications which include gas turbines, pumps, auxiliary drive turbines, feed rollers, compressors, marine applications, generators, motor drives, high misalignment areas, and high thermal growth equipment.

Anderson Clamp Hub

Keyless hubCoupling Corporation's patented Anderson Clamp Hub is a keyless hub that transmits torque through friction via a mechanical shrink fit. The Anderson Clamp Hub works with most shafts –straight and tapered, rough or smooth, keyed or keyless. It has many advantages in lower cost, easier installation and maintenance.

Quill Shaft Soft Couplings

For applications where quill shaft soft couplings are required, Coupling Corporation designs quill shaft couplings with flexible diaphragms so that the pulsations from motors or engine drivers can be smoothed out to reduce stresses in the driven components. These quill shaft soft couplings, or quill shaft couplings, are also beneficial for virtually eliminating vibration problems.

About Coupling Corporation

USA FlagCoupling Corporation of America manufacturing plant is located in South Central Pennsylvania and its technical sales representatives, with engineering backgrounds, can be found throughout the United States. Our highly trained engineering staff is available to solve your particular shaft coupling and hub joint requirements.

Contact us anytime and/or use our easy online Coupling Corporation UltraFLEXX Quick Pick program which creates a sample application picture, in seconds, from the design specifications that you enter.

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