Gear Coupling Replacement

A gear coupling replacement is becoming a “must have” in the industry. Gear couplings have been a part of many rotating equipment systems for a hundred years.  Over time, users have realized that there are a few shortcomings of gear couplings.

Gear couplings:

  • create very high reactionary forces on the shafts
  • require routine maintenance to work properly
  • have wearing parts and need to be replaced periodically
  • may require special grease or lubrication systems

CCA can offer several options that can be used to replace a gear coupling for almost any application. It can be difficult finding a good replacement coupling with very close shaft spacing.  CCA has a strong lineup of Close Coupled Couplings to handle these demanding applications.

If you have a potential application, please contact the engineers at CCA to determine the optimal solution.

Gear Coupling Replacement - by Coupling Corporation of America