FLEXXOR Coupling

The FLEXXOR is a diaphragm flexible shaft coupling that has been widely useFLEXXOR flexible shaft coupling brochured since the1960’s. It operates by carrying torque through thin spokes between an inner and outer rim, much like a bicycle wheel.  Paired with Anderson Keyless Clamp Hubs, they can be installed on straight or tapered shafts in only a few minutes, yet carry tremendous amounts of torque.  The FLEXXOR is an excellent solution for high-speed applications and situations with significant axial and/or angular misalignment.

FLEXXOR Engineering Data - EnglishFLEXXOR Engineering Data - Metric

For applications with short shaft-to-shaft spacing or where reduced moments are needed, see our page on Close Coupled and Reduced Moment Couplings.

 Extreme Flexibility in High-Speed, High-Torque Applications

The exclusive holed diaphragm design that sets the standard for coupling flexibility, the FLEXXOR shaft coupling, is manufactured by Coupling Corporation of America.  The FLEXXOR shaft couplings are designed to provide extreme flexibility in high-speed and high-torque applications. The angular and axial spring rates are far lower than any other coFLEXXOR flexible shaft coupling diaphragmuplings in the industry. The FLEXXOR shaft couplings have been consistently the most flexible and durable shaft couplings on the market. Its unique holed diaphragm design allows for several degrees of misalignment while still transmitting the highest torque values.
The FLEXXOR diaphragm works like a bicycle wheel. The tension in the “spokes” transmits the torque from inside to outside. The thin, hold-filled diaphragm flexes easily to accept angular and axial misalignment. Power plants, refineries, and large process plants use our FLEXXOR shaft couplings for applications that include high-speed pumps, gas turbines, centrifugal compressors, aircraft applications, and API 671 applications.

FLEXXOR flexible shaft coupling offers complete application flexibility

Factory assembled elements simplify installation of FLEXXOR shaft couplings. There are no loose parts so that FLEXXOR shaft couplings maintain balance. Bolts are delivered in sets and are weight balanced on high speed or API applications.

Unmatched Benefits of the FLEXXOR Flexible Shaft Coupling


Value to User

Multiple paths of torque transmission share the load Scratch or other damage to a diaphragm will not destroy coupling.
No lubrication or maintenance required Reduces maintenance cost
Very low spring rates Low forces on shafts, bearings, and seals for longer system life.
Dynamically balanced No coupling related vibrations
Internal spin-off protection Plant safety in case of a machine malfunction.
Easy hub adjustment for flange to flange spacing Faster installation and no hot work permits required. No shim
packs required.
Spacer or reduced moment designs Outstanding application flexibility

The two most common high-performance FLEXXOR shaft couplings are the C and CC models. Torque is transmitted from the inner row of permanent fasteners through the spoke-like membranes to the outer ring of fasteners. The outer fasteners connect the diaphragms to the hub ring. Fasteners can be stainless steel rivets or shear bolts.

FLEXXOR Shaft Couplings - C model The FLEXXOR C model shaft couplings consist of a single set of diaphragms at each end of either a tubular or solid spacer.

FLEXXOR Shaft Couplings - CC modelCC FLEXXOR model shaft couplings use two sets of diaphragms at each end of the spacer. Therefore, CC models have twice the axial travel and 1⁄2 the spring rate of C model couplings.


Anderson Clamp Hubs – 4000 series or equivalent alloy steel heat treated to 130,000 PSI UTS minimum. Hub rings, sleeves – 1018 or 1026 carbon steel or 4000 series alloy.Diaphragms – 17-7PH, 301 full hard.Bolts – AISI 4140, 4340, 6150, 8740 alloy steel heat treated to grade 8 minimum.Locknuts – grade C minimum Special materials available such as INCO 718, Beryllium copper, Titanium, Monel.