York* Compressor Replacement Coupling

Coupling Corporation provides a full range of replacement couplings for York* Compressors.  Shown below at right is an original OEM York coupling and quill shaft.  At left is the upgraded CouplingCorp FLEXXOR coupling with Anderson Clamp Hubs.

York Coupling (right) with CouplingCorp replacement

Benefits of Replacement

  1. Our coupling matches the torque capacity, mass, inertia, overhung moment, etc of the original.  This eliminates the need for any analysis to be done on the system before making the change.
  2. The new coupling has more misalignment capability than the original.  This is not normally a problem with the current coupling, but in some situations extra axial and angular flexibility can be a major advantage.
  3. The procedure for installing and removing, especially for seal changes, is simplified, and it eliminates the need for the special York wrench.  The way we have achieved this is to use our Anderson Clamp Hub to create mechanical interference fits on the shafts rather than just rely on the threads to carry torque.  Since the shafts are already threaded, we typically machine the female thread into our clamp hub bore and then it can be installed by threading on to the shaft, but then tightened by loading the clamp hub, rather than torquing the hub on the threads.  Upon removal, this allows the user to loosen the hub first which relieves most of the pressure on the threads before turning it off.

Quill Shaft Option

The preferred option for most customers is to also switch out their existing quill shaft with a new CCA quill that has a straight, smooth end where the coupling mounts.  This has several benefits:  it completely eliminates the threads; it completely eliminates the need for spacing shims; and it eliminates the need for the special York wrench.

The following list shows the York* part numbers that are commonly replaced with CCA couplings:
















* York is a trademark and/or a trade name of Johnson Controls, Inc