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About CCA’s Rigid Couplings

The Rigid Coupling is a vital part of many rotating equipment systems. It is used to extend a shaft that cannot be manufactured in the needed length. Occasionally, a Rigid Coupling is used to carry a vertical load on a rotating shaft. In some cases, this may be the only option to fix a shaft that is broken and needs to be reconnected, rather than replacing the shaft.

When flexibility is not an issue, Coupling Corporation of America can use its Anderson Clamp Hub to connect two shafts solidly. Sometimes called a ‘muff coupling’, the coupling can be designed so that each shaft is tightened by its set of load screws, or it can be made so that one set of screws tightens both shafts. Solid shaft couplings can accommodate any distance between shaft ends, and for longer distances they can be made with a dropout spacer sleeve. Using the Anderson Clamp Hub can save time during installation and removal because there is no heating involved.

Many Rigid Coupling Configurations Available

Solid shaft couplings can handle any size shaft and virtually any torque requirement. CouplingCorp manufactures rigid couplings that can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. The can even be used on applications where the shafts are sitting at an angle such as in a typical ship drive. CouplingCorp can also manufacture or provide shafts to go along with the rigid coupling if needed.

They are also capable of running at extremely high speeds. For special applications, solid shaft couplings can be made from many different materials. Coupling Corp specializes in designing rigid couplings for a variety of applications including ones where spacing between shafts is zero or very large or where shaft sizes are different at each end.

Contact a CouplingCorp engineer to help determine the optimal rigid coupling for your application.

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