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CCA Delivers Reliability and Flawless Performance Within the Plastics Industry

The Plastics Industry benefit from CCA’s coupling product’s reliability and flawless performance while experiencing maximum production uptime.

This pair of UltraFLEXX couplings connected a MAAG Gearbox to a MAAG Gear Pump and replaced the original OEM gear couplings. They will eliminate shutdowns previously needed to lubricate the gear coupling and significantly increase production throughput. One customer’s engineer commented to us that the production gains from avoiding a single 24-hour shutdown are more than enough to pay for the UltraFLEXX coupling upgrade.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

One of our customers has a fleet of Coperion UG 500 Pelletizers. The shaft on the Pelletizer travels hydraulically forward to allow the knife head to contact the die plate where the plastic pellets get cut. The OEM supplied a gear coupling for this application because of the need for approximately 0.250” of unimpeded axial travel. This axial movement is necessary to accommodate the change in axial spacing as the knives wear.

The plant desired to eliminate the gear coupling to reduce maintenance and wear and replace it with a non-lubricated coupling. Coupling Corporation of America was asked to analyze the application, and was able to provide a coupling with an axial travel of 0.420”.

This customer has purchased several couplings over the past few years and has replaced all the original gear couplings with the UltraFLEXX couplings.

CCA Products in the Plastics Industry

Many CCA products are currently in use throughout the world in the Plastics Industry. Popular products include:

Applications include high misalignment areas and high thermal growth equipment.

Popular Plastics Industry applications include:

  • Compressors
  • Gear Box
  • Mixers
  • Plastics
  • Pumps
  • Unique Custom Applications

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