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Test Stand Coupling Designs

The test stand industry is a very diverse mix of different test articles and performance levels. Coupling Corporation of America specializes in helping test stand designers and operators to maximize their efforts using our test stand coupling designs.

CCA’s products provide support in two main areas. First, our products reduce downtime with a design that make test changeovers fast and repeatable. Second, our couplings aim to have the least influence on the test article, whether it be through vibration, noise, or bending moments. In either case, CouplingCorp’s test stand coupling products will keep you focused on the test article rather than the coupling.

CCA Products for Test Stand Coupling Applications

CouplingCorp routinely works with high speed test stand users and manufacturers to build high speed test stand couplings to meet very specific requirements. Many times those applications include torque meters or torque transducers. In those cases, CouplingCorp integrates the torque device into the coupling so that the customer can have a simple system with the most dynamically optimized layout. When you contact us, let us know what torque meter you are using so we can check our library for existing test stand couplings using the same model.

Coupling Corp specializes in designing high speed and test stand couplings for a variety of applications. Contact a CouplingCorp engineer to help determine the optimal high speed coupling for your application.

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Many CCA Products Are Currently in Use Throughout the World in Test Stand Applications

Many applications are of the high speed variety, but there are plenty of low speed, high torque applications as well. Popular products include:

Applications Include High-Speed Areas and High Misalignment

Popular Test Stand applications include:

  • Compressors
  • Dynamometer Test Stands
  • Fly Wheels
  • Gas Turbines
  • Gear Box
  • Generators
  • Unique Custom Applications

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