Failure Analysis

Crack in material under microscope - failure analysisFlexible couplings are designed to be the “fuse” of a rotating equipment system.  Therefore, there are many cases where couplings will fail due to extreme torques or misalignments.  In some instances, the failure mode or mechanism can be difficult to determine.  If requested, CCA will conduct a failure analysis, analyzing both users operating data and failed components to determine or, at least, narrow the failure modes.

Failure Analysis: Taking a Closer Look

In some cases, CCA will use independent, outside laboratories to bring a deeper level of material analysis.  This allows us to access important information on the microscopic level.

In many cases, CCA can recreate failure mechanisms using its testing equipment including Torque Testing, tensile testing, and other types of Nondestructive Testing.

Coupling Failure due to Extreme Overtorque from Pump Failure

Coupling failure due to pump failure - failure analysis