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About Flexible Shaft Couplings

Coupling Corporation of America focuses on the finest flexible shaft couplings in the world. They are designed with rotating equipment in mind along with the hard-working people who maintain them. Our products are designed to minimize the effects of misalignment and vibration between two rotating machines. The couplings transmit full torque but not harmful reactionary forces that other couplings generate.

Coupling Corporation of America has two main models of flexible shaft couplings

  • The FLEXXOR is a diaphragm flexible shaft coupling that has been around since the 1960’s. It operates by carrying torque through thin spokes between an inner and outer rim, much like a bicycle wheel. There are different models of the FLEXXOR available for low power applications up to the most demanding high-performance applications in the world.
  • UltraFLEXX flexible shaft couplings, invented in the mid-1990’s, are the newest in coupling technology available in the world. It takes the design of the FLEXXOR shaft coupling to another level by using singular spokes to carry torque between the inner and outer pieces.The UltraFLEXX coupling is used for applications with very high misalignment or very challenging dimensional restrictions.

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