Anti-Reverse Coupling

In some applications, there is a need to restrain the equipment from rotating in the reverse direction.  This is typically known as an anti-reverse rotation device.  A clutch or brake can be used for this purpose, but they might be too complicated or expensive for the system. CCA can offer a simple anti-reverse rotation solution that keeps things running in the right direction.

Integrated anti-rotation device in a FLEXXOR coupling

Integrated anti-rotation device in the FLEXXOR coupling

CCA has developed an integrated anti-reverse feature available in its FLEXXOR couplings that will allow equipment to turn in its normal direction while restraining the equipment from turning backwards.  The coupling uses centrifugally actuated ratcheting pawls that extend and retract at specifically designed rotating speeds.  At the lower speed limits, the extended pawls contact a floor-mounted backstop.  If the rotating assembly attempts to rotate backwards, the pawls lock into place and keep the equipment from moving.

Anti-rotation pawl interacting with the stationary backstop.

Anti-rotation pawl interacting with the floor-mounted backstop.

There are several applications where this type of anti-rotation device is normally used.  The most common are in fan or pump systems where there may be back pressure against the fan blades or pump impeller causing them to rotate when not under power.  This small movement can become a problem if the system attempts to turn on while slowly spinning backwards because the large torque spike could easily break a system component.

CouplingCorp has the ability to customize the design to meet certain speed and geometry requirements.  There may be a reason to design backstop geometry that fits with existing baseplates or other physical limitations.  CouplingCorp can work with you to make the system work well.  This feature can also be added to vertical couplings in cases where a motor anti-rotation device can’t be added.

The CouplingCorp anti-rotation coupling helps ensure that the equipment can run successfully when it is needed most.  Contact CouplingCorp today to find out if application is a good fit for our anti-reverse rotation couplings.