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About Coupling Balancing

CCA has in-house balancing equipment and personnel to match the full range of our design requirements. Typical balance specifications include ISO G2.5, API 671 and 4W/N. CCA can perform single, double, or even multi-plane coupling balancing, depending on the application. CCA has the capability to balance vertically or horizontally depending on the geometry and application of the parts.

When is Coupling Balancing Necessary?

Balancing is generally needed because of manufacturing imperfections – fits between parts, runouts, fastener hole tolerances, etc. CCA minimizes these factors by maintaining very high quality standards on manufactured parts. This helps to reduce initial unbalance.

CCA typically builds in balance correction features to make it easy to modify the coupling balance in the field if necessary.

CCA pulls from 40 years of tooling inventory and experience to balance your coupling quickly and cost effectively. Contact CCA for more information and answers to your coupling balancing needs.

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