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About Coupling Refurbishment & Upgrades

When a coupling has been in service for many years, it is wise to remove the coupling periodically and have it sent back to Coupling Corporation for a thorough inspection. CCA will upgrade the most highly stressed parts, typically the diaphragms and bolts. The remaining parts are all cleaned and inspected for structural integrity. Finally, the coupling is reassembled and balanced (if necessary).

When is an Upgrade Necessary?

In some cases where the driving or driven equipment is being upgraded, it might be necessary for the coupling to be upgraded as well. Consult Coupling Corporation to see if your coupling can be upgraded or if it will need to be replaced with a higher capacity coupling.

The following pictures show an example of a 15,000 HP feed pump coupling recently refurbished after 12 years of service.

Before & After

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If the application needs balancing, see our Coupling Balancing page for more information.

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