Anderson Keyless Clamp Hubs

Anderson Clamp Hub Brochure captureAnderson Clamp Hub Engineering Data- English - keyless clamp hubsAnderson Clamp Hub Engineering Data- Metric - keyless clamp hubsAnderson Keyless Clamp Hubs are quickly becoming the new standard in shaft mounting. Its technology allows users to carry high torques without any keys or tapers. These keyless hubs can be installed and removed very quickly and easily with only hand tools – heat and hydraulics are not required. Additionally, the keyless hubs can retrofit to any existing shaft – straight, keyed, hydraulic, tapered, or splined.

Anderson Keyless Hubs can:
• Be installed and removed in minutes with simple hand tools
• Fit straight or tapered shafts
• Fit over keys, if desired
• Be used for shafts of more than one diameter

Anderson Keyless hubs are ideal for coupling:

  • shaft to shaft
  • fan blades to a shaft
  • shaft mounting gears
  • actuator arms

anderson clamp hub drawing 2

The Anderson Keyless Hub Unique Design

Anderson Keyless Clamp Hubs and How They Operate

1. Tighten the load screws by hand
2. The collar moves axially away from the flange
3. Asymmetrical threads in the collar force the split inner sleeve inward.
4. The split sleeve securely clamps to the shaft.

Anderson Keyless Hubs are designed to accommodate most shafts. Whether your shaft is rough or smooth, straight or tapered, keyed or unkeyed, the Anderson Keyless Hub can work for you. Our keyless hubs are adjustable as often as required, stronger, concentric, and low cost with easy installation – only a torque wrench is necessary.
Incorporating Anderson Keyless Hubs in new designs offers additional advantages. Eliminating the need for keyways frees shafts of the resultant stress concentrations. You are free to use much smaller shafts in your machinery design. You save on both material and machining costs. Smaller shaft sizes mean smaller seals and less bearing wear. You add value by facilitating future machinery maintenance operations with the hub that’s easily removed or adjusted. Licensing agreements are available.