Vertical Rigid Couplings

The Anderson Clamp Hubs can carry a large amount of torque with a very high thrust load; making it ideal for vertical applications where there is either a thrust load or a significant weight carried onto the shaft.  With our unique Vertical Rigid Couplings, one-half of the coupling slides onto the driving shaft and clamps into place, and the other half clamps onto the driven shaft. After bolting the two flanges together, the coupling is complete and ready to run.

If there is a space between the two shafts, a spacer section can be added to lengthen the coupling.

CCA also has a range of products for Vertical Pumps

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Vertical rigid couplings can be found in many other applications, including mixers, turbines, or any other equipment that spins on a vertical axis.  If there is only a thrust bearing in the motor, but none in the pump, a rigid vertical coupling would be used.  But in the cases where the pump has its own thrust bearing, a vertical flexible coupling is required.  There are also many cases where a motor may be in a horizontal position driving into a right-angle gearbox.  Then the gearbox output drives into a vertical pump.  In this case, the type of coupling will still be dependent on whether or not the pump has a thrust bearing.

There are many other applications where you might find a vertical rigid coupling including connecting two pieces of shafting.  The shafts could be transmitting torque or simply a vertical load.  In either case, the vertical rigid coupling can handle a very large amount of torque load and vertical thrust load.

Dimensions and Engineering Data* Hubs can be designed for shorter shafts and different A dimensions; consult CCA
Weight and Inertia are given for maximum bore
Sizes larger than 500 are application specific; numbers listed are estimates
Values given are subject to change