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About Keyed Hub Applications

Shafts with keys work well with Anderson Clamp Hubs. Keys have been in use since the invention of the wheel. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, CCA has invented a simple keyed shaft retrofit – the use of a “half key”.

This simple retrofit will allow an application to take advantage of all the benefits an Anderson Clamp Hub has to offer. Hubs can be installed and removed without the use of heat or hydraulics, which is not only simpler but safer as well. Also, the time to install and remove hubs can be greatly reduced compared with conventional methods. The torque capacity is the same or greater even on a keyed shaft.

Keyed Shaft Retrofit with Half keys work well for two reasons:

  1. To preserve the balance of the shaft.
  2. Add strength to the shaft when the Anderson Clamp Hub is compressing onto the shaft.

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