Tapered Hubs

About Tapered Hubs

Tapered hubs are common in the rotating equipment industry. They are used to create hub/shaft interference using both radial expansion and axial forces. Hydraulically fitted hubs typically have tapered shafts. Often difficult to use, these tapered hubs require high-pressure hydraulic systems including pumps, hoses, fittings, etc. If any part of the system does not work, the hub can not be installed or removed.

Luckily for rotating equipment owners, CCA has developed a more effective way to connect couplings to tapered shafts. The Anderson Clamp Hub mounts directly onto a tapered shaft, even if the shaft has grooves and ports for a hydraulic hub.

There are two configurations in which the Anderson Clamp Hub is used:

  1. The bore of the Anderson Clamp Hub is cut with the matching taper. A shaft nut is supplied to help ensure the hub is fully seated on the shaft taper.
  2. A slit tapered bushing is supplied to go inside the straight bore of the Anderson Clamp Hub. As the hub becomes tight, the compression forces act through the split bushing, allowing it to conform to the shaft for creating an excellent contact the whole length of the taper. The major advantage of this layout is that the axial position of the hub can be adjusted to allow for variations in shaft spacing.

In either configuration, the Anderson Clamp Hub can be installed and removed with simple tools in a very short time.


Check out the video below for a brief overview of the installation process.  For a more detailed version, contact CouplingCorp.