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About Vertical Flexible Couplings

When a vertical pump or mixer has a thrust bearing, the coupling between the motor and pump likely needs to provide for misalignment capability with a vertical flexible coupling. In these situations, CouplingCorp can use its Flexible Shaft Couplings to meet the need. In many cases, vertical flexible couplings may be interchangeable with a flexible coupling for horizontal applications. You can check with CouplingCorp to help you determine what product is best in your application.

Depending on the size and weight of the coupling, there might have to be provisions included to hold the weight of the spacer sleeve so that the flexible elements are not damaged. Consult CCA for specific applications. In other cases, a lightweight sleeve can be used to reduce the overall weight on the flexible elements or the thrust bearings.

Vertical flexible coupling in a water processing plant

Vertical Flexible Coupling Application Types

A vertical flexible coupling can be found in many other applications, including mixers, turbines, or any other equipment that spins on a vertical axis. If there is only a thrust bearing in the motor, but none in the pump, a rigid vertical coupling would be used. But in the cases where the pump has its own thrust bearing, a vertical flexible coupling is required. There are also many cases where a motor may be in a horizontal position driving into a right-angle gearbox. Then the gearbox output drives into a vertical pump. In this case, the type of coupling will still be dependent on whether or not the pump has a thrust bearing.

Vertical flexible couplings can also include other necessary options like a torque limiting shear section or electrical insulation.

CouplingCorp has provided many vertical flexible couplings in a variety of sizes.

If you have a specific application, please contact CouplingCorp to discuss the details of your vertical pump or mixer.

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