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About Rubber Couplings

Rubber Couplings are used extensively in many industrial applications, especially with engines. Mainly used for their torsionally soft properties and damping effect on troublesome vibrations.

The Drawbacks of Rubber Couplings:

  • Rubber materials used in these couplings are subject to degradation over time. As the material experiences cycles of compression and shear forces, heat is created, which breaks down the material structure. Eventually, the compliant material needs to be replaced.
  • Large diameter and weight of rubber couplings. Since rubber is much weaker than steel, rubber is used on large diameters to minimize the forces it must handle in any given coupling. The large size may not be a problem in some applications, but in other applications, it can be a difficult variable to integrate into a system.

In many cases, CCA can offer a replacement for rubber torsional couplings, using a Quill Shaft Coupling to provide the right torsional stiffness for the application.

Contact CCA to see if your application is a good fit for this replacement.

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