Vertical Rigid Pump Coupling

The most adjustable rigid vertical pump coupling is also the easiest to install. Vertical Clamp Vertical Clamp Engineering Data- EnglishVertical Clamp Coupling Engineering Data- MetricCouplings are a major improvement over other standard vertical couplings. Using the patented Anderson Clamp Hub design, it eliminates all keys and “clam shells” while giving the user the ability to easily change the position on the shaft as well as the amount of pump rotor lift.

Because of the keyless connection, there is no need for the vertical key to carry torque or for the split horizontal key to hold the weight of the pump rotor. One-half of the Clamp Coupling slides onto the driving shaft and clamps into place while the other half clamps on to the vertical pump shaft. The two halves are positioned in such a way that the gap between the two is equal to the amount of lift needed on the pump rotor. Once each half is tight, the connecting bolts are installed, and as they are tightened, the bottom half of the Clamp Coupling, along with the pump rotor, is lifted the correct amount.

Vertical Clamp Coupling - short spacerVertical Clamp Coupling - vertical pump couplingVertical Pump Coupling

Benefits of the Vertical Pump Coupling

Vertical Clamp Couplings are capable of handling an enormous amount of thrust load which is perfect for vertical pumps which have significant weight along with the thrust created by pumping. For example, on a one-inch shaft, Vertical Clamp Couplings carry about 19,000 pounds of thrust load. Another benefit of the Clamp Coupling for vertical shafts is the inherent concentricity of the device. There is no need to adjust the clam shells to fix the balance. The two sides can also be spigoted for applications where balance is critical.

Vertical Clamp Couplings are the best way to reduce maintenance time on vertical pump applications as well as increase overall performance of the system.  Contact a CouplingCorp engineer today to discuss your application.