How CCA Saved a Customer Millions

A CouplingCorp customer came with a problem that can be common. The original shaft attachment device they were using had a set screw to hold it in place on the shaft. Over time the vibrations of the hub on the shaft caused micro fretting between the set screw and the shaft. This small movement created a weak spot on the shaft which eventually caused shaft failure.

The customer was looking for a mechanical device without a set screw which would be easy to install, simple to uninstall, and, most importantly, it had to be customized to fit a unique geometry which supported a bearing. Luckily CouplingCorp was able to create the perfect solution. The Anderson Clamp Hubâ„¢ is a mechanical clamping device that has a fully customizable flange which was able to handle a tight tolerance bearing surface. By working with CouplingCorp, the customer was able to save millions of dollars in warranty parts on their entire installed base.


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