Quill Shaft Soft Couplings

For applications where quill shaft soft couplings are required, Coupling Corporation designs quill shaft couplings with flexible diaphragms so that the pulsations from motors or engine drivers can be smoothed out to reduce stresses in the driven components. These quill shaft soft couplings, or quill shaft couplings, are also beneficial for virtually eliminating vibration problems. … read more

The Industry’s Most Flexible Steel Shaft Couplings Featuring the Exclusive “Strut” Design

Coupling Corporation of America is a leading and innovative manufacturer of shaft couplings, flexible shaft couplings and keyless hubs for large rotating machinery and other shaft coupling applications. Since 1968, CCA has been making shaft couplings by focusing on the driving and driven machines, and then designing couplings to complement them. Our shaft couplings come standard, with clamp hubs, for a strong shaft connection with no keys, heat, or hydraulics